The Allure of Pearls

Explore the timeless beauty of pearls, enduring symbols of sophistication and June's esteemed birthstone.

Dating back to ancient times, pearls have graced the adornments of royalty and icons such as Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth, and Coco Chanel. Their origin, unique among gems, is bestowed by living creatures—oysters and mussels—rendering each pearl a marvel of nature's artistry.

Categorized into freshwater and saltwater varieties, pearls come in natural and cultured forms. Kokichi Mikimoto's pioneering work in Japan made cultured pearls accessible, revolutionizing the industry.

Today, cultured pearls enchant with a spectrum of hues from pristine white to opulent black, ensuring a complement to every complexion. Whether for bridal elegance, celebratory gifts, or honoring June's birth, pearls remain an enduring choice.

At Faye Kim Designs, join us in celebrating the eternal elegance of pearls, perfect for every occasion.


Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are nature's delightful anomalies, cherished for their unconventional shapes that defy symmetrical perfection. Unlike flawless round pearls, baroque pearls come in endless forms, from asymmetrical drops to gracefully curved contours, each with unique character and allure. Treasured for their organic beauty and artistic appeal, they often become focal points in innovative jewelry designs celebrating individuality and imagination. With captivating irregularities and timeless charm, baroque pearls captivate enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, embodying nature's creative spirit.