19.37 Carat Corcoran Field Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal



Corcoran Field Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal

Spectacular in size, color, and shape and exhibiting a stunning range of colors, this 19.37 carat oval crystal opal is a gem-quality stone for the avid collector or jewelry lover. The stone's calming and mesmerizing hues render it ideal for creating a truly one of a kind statement ring, bracelet, necklace, or pendant/brooch. Let us help you design your own signature piece. For inspiration, see some of the opal pieces Faye Kim has created in the attached photos. The designer will work with you to create your own spectacular, one-of-a-kind piece using any of our loose stones.

Group of three photos of opal on chain show this opal made into a pendant for a Faye Kim Designs client. 

Dimensions: 20.65 x 16.22 x 10.53 mm